Terms and Conditions

Terms of Service


1. Only one account per household is allowed. Any attempt to create more than one account or using your own referral link to create another account will result in account suspension. This also applies for Payment Processor accounts.

2. Personal Information will be never be shown or shared. Users' Privacy is respected.

3. Users Password is stored in Encrypted Form, never use easy to guess passwords are same passwords of other sites. It’s your responsibility to keep your account safe.

4. Using of Proxy Services & VPN is not allowed and leads to account suspension.

5. Using of Auto Clicker Softwares or Bots will result in account suspension

6. Site features Anti-Cheat Ad clicking Ad to prevent from bots and auto clickers, clicking them will result in immediate suspension without warning.

In case you have clicked the Anti-Cheat Ad and suspended then you have to contact our Support with valid details to get your account reactivated.

7. Users inactive for 30 days will be temporarily suspended and their balance will be reset. Account will be permanently suspended after 90 days of inactivity.

8. We are not responsible for any loss of any kind due to third party advertisers and their offers. Users must be careful.


1. You can only request the payment once when you reach the respective minimum payout set to the respective memberships.

2. Payments are made instant or within 7 working days.

3. Requesting the payment to wrong ID and gets completed then you won't be repaid; it’s your duty to set the correct payment ID.

4. You can only request to the Payment Processor which you have deposited the most, in order to request for other processor also, you must deposit the same amount to request to all the Payment Processors.

5. Payments to Site for Advertising and Account Upgrades and Adding to Purchase balance are non-refundable


1. Only legal contents are allowed to advertise

2. Adult Contents, warez, etc are not at all allowed

3. Website must be in English

4. Website must not contain any virus or backdoor programs.


1. Spamming is not allowed.

2. Any false information or posting against our site will lead to permanent account suspension.

We reserve the rights to alter the Terms of Service with or without notice. Any important changes in Terms of Service will be notified.

TOS Updated : May 7th 2021

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